Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!

make sure you vote!!!!
(avatar by Simon on live journal)heh found this on the japanator otaku debate so vote in real life and vote for Kamina/Bright on japanator!!!:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yeah it's kinda late to say happy Halloween-Mini

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I wanted to post on Halloween but I went to my friends house to go trick or treating with my friends, so I didn't have a chance to. I was a candy corn witch even though I don't like the stuff much, I'm suffering from a serious sugar crash right now so I'll just post some pics.


hehehe srry been so busy
now i hav started 2
wacth fall anime
and i started w/ Toradora!
luv this sereies so far
1) it so funny lol

2)it fun to wacth

3)intersting story

40i luv taigia

Friday, October 24, 2008

Darling Hanyuu did not make it-Mini

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Today I found out that Hanyuu was beaten in saimoe. She lost to Fuuko Ibuki from Clannad. I still have hope though because Kagami is still in the running, so is Tsukasa but i'm not much of a Tsukasa fan. I actually havent been able to see Clannad, but I really want to watch it. I heard ADV licensed it (finally!) I thought they were slowly dieing or something. I subscibe to there on demad on IO and they were regularly releasing episdoes of anime every friday and sometimes it would switch to thursday. They added about 2 or 3 new titles to the list and were also regularly releasing episdoes but then stoped and suddently took them off. Now they even stop continuing some of there older series and dont update as much. I thought maby they were going to take the On Demand channel of like they took there other ADV channel off. But this liscesing will hopefully mean they wont. I want to buy Clannad now that I've found out, but if they put it on the On Demand list then that will be way easier.

Here are some pics of Darling Hanyuu she did her best that all the matters ^_^

And also pls support The Hiiragi twins (even though I don't like Tsukasa much)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conflicts I come across in the anime fandom world-Mini

Now even though anime fans look like they get along relatively well, we actually don't.From hating someone because they like a certain series or some older anime fans annoyance of younger ones. I tend to come across these "problems" at conventions on blogs and anime clubs. Some are ridiculous and some you have a damn right to be pissed about. Now the problems I mostly come across I have separated into 2 sections, Anime Conventions, and Anime Series.


  1. Younger fans- As me being in High School this is one problem that affects me. Some people can go on and on about teenagers behavior at anime conventions. And yeah it's true it can get out hand. The only thing that bothers me about this topic is that some older fans talk about this like they didn't do anything stupid in there teens. And no I'm not saying every older person said this I'm saying some, okay. But also don't group every teenager into one category, yeah I know we travel in groups like packs of animals. But were still all individuals to you know. And if it still bothers you, I just have to say isn't it your job as the older generation to guide us in the right direction.

  2. YAOI PADDLES- Yeah I have to admit people have a pretty good right to be pissed about this. The paddles aren't the problem but the random spanking is. I would be really pissed if someone just ran by and smacked my ass, with a paddle without permission. I heard because of this, Yaoi paddles have been banned by some conventions. Some people just say "oh it's just a joke". But are you forgetting this is my ass not yours, If u want to smack someones ass go smack your own pls end of story.


  1. Naruto- Okay okay I know some people when they see this are going to be like oh wtf and why are you bringing this up and the like. But I don't see why people hate the series so much. It's not good but not bad, it's an OK series. The only thing I don't like about it is that some people hype it up to much, making it seem like this great series. And this is what most people hate to. But they don't understand that and take it out on the fans of the series. I've heard people saying oh the plot sucks, the animation is bad, or they say I just hate narutards. WTF whats up with all the hate, it's unnecessary. I like the art for the naruto manga I think it's pretty good. Is that so wrong! And those people that say they like anime but only like naruto, instead of getting angry why not try and HELP THEM!

  2. PEOPLES FAV SERIES-I just find this really funny when fans do this.(not to say I haven't done this myself) But if you say you don't like somebodies favorite series they get so angry! OMG Then a fight breaks out because the other then said he doesn't like his fav series. Then there fighting over why there series is awesome and why the others suck. Why can't we just get along. TT_TT

  3. ANIME SHOULD BE FREE-UGH! Nothing boils my blood more than having to read a comment like this on crunchyroll. Sure I watch fansubs but anime thats not licsened. If they take it off crunchyroll before I finish watching it, well tough luck but I guess I'll have to buy it.I mean don't you people realise people make anime for money. That's there JOB. They probably have families they need to feed, and bills to pay. If you want free anime go and make it yourself you ungrateful bastards. And you know what, if those people don't get paid then guess what that means less anime being made! I mean can't you people just get a job! It's easy, even I'm looking for one right now!(really I am) IS YOUR OTAKU PASSION NOT STRONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO TRY TO BUY YOUR ANIME ANY WAY YOU CAN!!!EVEN THROUGH HARD LABOR!!!!!!! YOU BASTARDS!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hurray for junjo Romantica 2!

I'm going to post my NYAF stuff soon but before that, I just Have to post this! Junjo Romantica 2 is going to air the 11th yay! ^_^ heh sorry ppl for being such a fujoshi but I just couldn't help myself

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


sorry i haven't beenon
it was my b-day the 27
and on sunaday on th 28 i went 2 the NYAF
here some pics lol
of the nyaf