Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mini's sadness

OH GOD WHY! Otakon is over and I was not able to go, I mean thats upseting enough but almost all the blogs I read are talking about it! But the most depresing for me is this

----->http://japanator.com/elephant/post.phtml?pk=8479#AM TT_TT DAMN IT why do I have to be a adolescence!

*drama queen much(>.>,)*

but in a goodlight I guess I'm still pretty excited about the lucky star OVAs comming out on the 29, but I'm still kinda asking around where I can find it on the internet the exact day it comes out. But no luck.

Friday, August 8, 2008

*baka* is me

okies all
i just so happy about
BUt want 2 know y
b/c it's on my b-day lol
sept.27 lol
i'll turn 14
still a long way lol hahaha
so wats up world comment

idk what 2 call it lol what up lol *baka*

japan today


this is now!!!
this is for

Entertainment news {this is were baka shines lol}

Takarazuka, Morning Musume open Cinderella musical
-Blue Man group visits newspaper office
Model Jun Hasegawa introduces FILA sports brand
Hello! Project artists finish concert tour
Model Karina stars in department store drama

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just in! >W< and also a rant


Well while I was looking at the recent news on ANN this morning I have come across something...something pain strikingly cute! The headline was "Store Sells 'Pundam,' 'Epangelion' Cosplay for Dogs". Yup a online store that specializes in puppies and chihuahuas has made cosplay outfits of mobile suit gundam, and evangelion. Personally if I ever in my life get a dog (I'm pet less ppl) I am getting them a unit 1 cosplay hat ASAP!!!! This is probrably one of those apropriate times to scream KAWAII!! at your comp.(^W^)

But at the moment I have a rant that has been kept in for 2 weeks! I HATE KAMINA'S ENGLISH DUB VOICE!Yes I am one of those people who complains about the voice overs as a fan I have the GODDAMN RIGHT TO!!!! At first when they started to air last week on sci-fi I remember watching the first episode and waiting for Kamina-sama(^_^) to talk. And as soon as I heard it it was like my face went blank, and it was like one of those scene in manga where everything is dark and and over they character the words hang over "DEFEATED"! Well after the 2nd ep it kind of settled in but I'm still a bit disappointed... (-_-)


-skipDog!-http://www.rakuten.co.jp/skipdog/475132/720374/720256/(don't know if they ship overseas)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

new stuff-_-


Not much happening lately.....Well one of my friends is really into Vampire novels. There was a release party for a new book that she loves at barnes and noble, and since there were going to be activities she invited me. So I looked around and guess what I picked up this novel.....about....maids:D.I was actually planing to buy this it's called Maid Machine gun, I'm still currently reading so when I finish I'll do a review. Also since yen press released there new mag called yen plus. It's really huge it has about 11 series all together. I'm also really excited about following when they cry manga in here. But there not putting out subscriptions till the next issue :C Japanese manga:soul eater,Nabari no ou,Sumomomo momomo,bamboo blade,Higurashi when they cry. Korean manhwa:Pig bride,Jack Frost. English manga:Night School,Maximum ride. From right to left you read the japanese manga and then you flip the mag to read the left to right english and korean manga. It's currently selling for $9.99. And they say subcriptions will start at $49.95 for the US, and $59.95 for Canada.

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's time for a review!:Skechbook~full colorS~


Ahhh it's summer ,summer vacation ,ice-cream, firewoks,cat naps oh the lazy days.well actually I'm kinda lazy always (-_-,). But I found a perfect anime to fit my mood at the moment and thats Skechbook~full colorS~. It's really just a slice of life anime and now that I think about it this anime really just has no point to it. I'm almost done watching it, it really is quiet funny thou. What I especially like about this anime are it's characters, there really is a range of characters from quiet Sora to the really always angry and anoyed Negi-senpai to Sora's best friend Aso who always likes to have conversations with her hand puppets that she always carries around.

<---thats her
Well Basicly the main character is Sora. She really likes cats and tea, she always carries a thermal full of tea around with her. She also always carys her skech book around with her that acts I guess as a camera. In some episdoes they may focus on some other characters and there is the ocasonal episode where it focuses on the cats that sora always sees. In the cat episode the cats talk in regular people language instead of meows like they usaly do, so you get to see what the cats think to.

<----Mike and the foreign english speaking persian cat

They even have a character whos a foreigner from america her names kate. but the wierd thing is that her english is bad when she speaks, scince it's a japanese voice actor but at the same time when she speaks japanese she sound wierd to! she has like this strange accent (-_-,)I don't get it ....... Kate--------->

well to summerize it if your into slice of life stories watch it.If your into more like actiony stuff this ain't for you bub.