Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mini- The BL in Zetsubou Sensei


I Hope I'm not the only one noticing this but sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has lots of Yaoi references among other anime references. I mean lucky star didn't really have a lot and in genshiken they had fujoshi (like my fav ogiue) and they really like yaoi.But they didn't have references to actual couplings. So when I saw this I was quiet surprised. Here are a few examples :)

Do my eyes deceive me or is that shinji and kaoru, oh and renji on one cover then look to your right its FMA! Then to your left is ouran Host club!

Oh lordy is Ms.Fujoshi reading GURREN LAGANN YAOI AT A FUNERAL! yes she is! *smirk* and since you can't see it, on the top right corner the poster says suzaXlelou hehehehe

also since this is to small to see the doujinshi says zorroX Sanji

the doujinshi says ah, Naruto

yeah this is self explanatory

Friday, September 26, 2008


Is what BANDAI should be screaming at other companys. They are getting all gurrenfied.Well as a school girl I get very giddy. lol Again On ANN I found something awesome. Bandai announced that they are picking up the Gurren Lagann manga in the US! YAY just can't wait now, but I hope they license Kabao Kikkawa's version which is the one were it takes place in school. ^_^ Bandai has been pleasing me lately and I've felt that things are going good for them. Even though Funimations all big now, but Bandai's slowly rising to the top. Oh and can anyone answer my question pls, Does Funimation have the license to Higurashi? because I've heard something about that. Oh and Baka's b-day is coming up this weekend, the weekend of NYAF so wish her a happy b-day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini-Macross Frontier Movie

HUZZAH yeah so happy right now. Just to think I thought I was having a bad day today then I look on ANN and see this. This just made my day. ^_^ I heard it was announced on TV when they broad casted the final episode, which is the 25th ep. I didn't get to finish the series on crunchyroll, cause it was licenced but that just makes it all the better. So I'm hoping when it comes out I can buy it. Or maby just wait till all the dvds are released and they make it into a boxset, then I could just get it all in one shot. Also it said Kuroshitsuji is going to take over macross frontier's time slot on TV, I just read up on that anime and have become a bit interested. ^_^

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mini's Otaku test results

It's gone up by 5%, 5% I SAY! Before it was only 60% now it's 65%! o_o m-maby i'm gettng sucked in by the anime world

link to the otaku purity test-

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini's in despair!

Well hello there comrades long time no see! (like anyone reads this blog -__-sigh) I have some depressing news that just gets me so down when I think about it, it's really hard to get back up. They are now ending Toonami after 11 years.... T_T Some people might say so what there shows suck anyways! But Toonami use to be glorious! Toonami is what got me so deep into anime, I remember hurrying home from school at a tender age, so that I wouldn't miss my anime damn it! *in tears* AHHH MY CHILDHOOD IS FADING AWAY IS THIS WHAT IT MEANS TO GROW UP WAHH I'M IN DESPAIR THE LOST OF INNOCENCE MAKE ME GO INTO DESPAIR! But I have to say I don't remember toonami ever airing cardcaptors though ._.......(on ann they had a list of all the anime they aired)But it's kind of sad that all is left of toonami is naruto.-_- Well enough of that to live purely I most put my past behind me! *sunset* Also coming up this weekend is NYAF so I'll see if I can post everything I did and all the stuff I got fufufufufufu. Some of you may notice but the despair and icon is reference to sayonara zetsubo sensei, which is the anime I just recently finished today. Well the second series anyway which is zoku sayonara zetsubou sensei. I also just finished fist of the north star new fist OVA and Now and then here and there. What I mainly want to discuss today is now and then, so here I go!

Well Like I said I finished now and then here and there, they put it on after Gurren Lagann on sci-fi's ani- Monday nights. So I don't know if some people saw it was going to air on TV but didn't care and just went straight to sleep right after Gurren Lagann, but I stayed up till 1:00 am for the past few weeks just to see this well also Gurren Lagann. ^_^' At first I have to admit when you first start to watch the series, it kind of difficult to imagine what kind of show this will end up being. The main character Shun encounters a girl named lalaru (I think that's how it's spelled) We find out shes wanted, and there are some people after her and shes been passing through worlds to get away. Lala ru doesn't talk much but she holds the power of all the worlds water in a pendant she caries with her. The catch is only she can use it to release the water, and the person who desperately wants that water is king Hamdo. King Hamdo is a Hitler like dictator cruel, selfish, crazy, and in a scary way child like. The man even has temper tantrums!(warning spoilers!). Just to tell you this is a show about war so it's basically a war anime. When you first encounter it you only see by shun's point of view. But then you get to see the point of view of each side. Not by getting in there thoughts or anything but like first shun was fighting against Hamdo's army, but at one point he gets captured by them and is forced to join the army. There you get to see the soilders conditions of living , like how they get treated or why they fight. Even the quiet Lala ru who always has a poker face plastered on gives her explanation to shun on why she wont give the humans water. There is also the character Sara who was brought from america in shuns world by accident because she looked like Lala Ru. You see her struggle on how she is forced to pleasure the older soldiers and then kills one of the men and makes her daring escape. You even see the side of one of the assasin in the village of zaribars who desperately wants to kill Hamdo. In the heart wrenching scean where Shun yells at him saying why can't you just stay in the village and be happy! Then he explains how his mother was killed and his sick sister was taken away but eventually died. You later in the series find out he will use any means to kill Hamdo. So really you get the perspective of the outsiders Shun and Sara, Lala Ru's, The assassins, The bystanders (ppl in villages and stuff), The soldiers and also even king Hamndo bullshit thoughts. The only character you never really get an inside to is Amelia, King Hamdo's right hand or um woman well whatever. Amelia is just like a loyal dog to him but no one knows why. So really instead of sitting there and only getting one side of the story you get all sides and realize everyone has at least one role they play in why the war is still continuing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mini current state

lately I've had lots of school work and stuff and also now currently in process of making a anime club at my school.(YAY)well at the moment I don't feel like posting anything big so I'll just post my current status I guess.


currently watching:Hidamari sketchX365, chocolate underground,

currently reading:dear school gang leader,onani master kurosawa(it's not hentai I swear!)

just finished(manga,anime):Naisho no Tsubomi,covetous you insensitive me,darling,shojo beat Oct. issue

excited for:NYAF

sad for:Yen plus still has no subscriptions in the mag

Currently Obsessing:Hanyuu heheheheheh
to this day: Is still confused whether sailor Uranus is a girl or a boy

I have to say that Naisho no Tsubomi anime is really good and quiet funny but I'll post about that later -__-

(note the pic under this was photoshoped by me it's my first attempt at photoshoping -_-) Suzaku now knows the horrors of pedo bear!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō

i just started wacthin this series lol and it's realy good
lol starwberry milk lol

u should wacth it lol

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sorry i haven't been alot lol

i've been
so buissy reading books for skwl
that i haven't been on the blog lol
so my skwl starts 2 morrrow sept.3
yay so i guess 2 talk 2
other anime luvers 2 2 find out
wat they like and enjoy lol
we all noe mini like the moe lol
i hope everyone luved summer
and enjoy the fall lol
myv pops lol
i' truly a baka

Mini's new crush~Higurashi no naku koro ni kai

(note:sorry for ranting like that in the last post my apologys because i'm a huge fujiyoshi so that makes me a hypocrite >.<)Well school starts tomorrow and my thought on this is that "great I'm going back to hell -_-". Oh well I haven't been able to post lately because of soccer practice. Well news that has caught my attention was that they pushed the lucky star OVAs back another whole month so instead of Aug 26 it's Sep 26 now. Also the JNTO is crediting the Otaku sub-culture for 3M more tourists then usual. Wow for some reason when I read that I imagine a guy in a business suit going up to some otaku, shaking his hand and saying "good job you have served your country well!" -_- yeah don't mind me. Also Tonari 801-chan was canceled! Noos I was so looking forward to that T_T! And I really love Studio 4°C and they are currently making a new movie about soviet teenagers with special abilities, it takes place in the opening days of WWII on the eastern front. It's called First squad:The moment of truth.

Well let me get on topic of the title of this post, I have been watching the second series Higurashi no naku koro ni kai and only have 4 more episodes to go.:D I really love higurashi if I may say but I was only able to watch a little more than half of the first series though. After watching the second series my love for rika grew but now I have a new crush heh heh heh. I will give you a hint she goes auau hauuu all the time, ........well can't guess? It's Hanyuu! (duh) Gawd I can't help it she's just so damn cute! OMFG! Latley I've been coming across the most cutest girl characters in anime (no I'm not a lesbian)WHY JAPAN WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!! I just can't seem to help my self, I just have to fangirl over them -_-. It's like Ranka-chan from macross frontier, just to damn cute. I mean how can you not think hanyuu is cute going auuuauu hauuu all the time! But at the same time I think keiichi looks so cute when they make him wear lolita dresses or like in the manga they made him wear a school swimsuit with cat ears and a tail and talk like a little brother and a maid.........maby I'm a pervert T_T? But I guess you can say thinking keiichi is cute in those situations is more of the problem that I read to much Yaoi then me thinking Moe girls are cute -_-.

(angry hanyuu o.O)

You didn't think I'd actually leave keiichi out did you?!

first squad trailer

Hanyuu's character image song Nano Desu

english lyrics to the song-