Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mini's profile

well hey I'm going to introduce myself SO NOW PREPARE YOURSELVES!


blood type: O

Favorite characters:Konata,Haruhi,Mikuru,Sora(sketchbook full colors not kingdom hearts),Axel,Roxas,Oguie,sasahara,sue,OSCAR-SAMA!,KAMINA-SAMA!

Favorite series at the moment:Sketchbook~full colorS~ :3,Lucky star,Genshiken 2,Rose of Versailles,Higurashi no naku koro ni(when they cry),Gurren Laggan!!!! >W<(can't wait till movie),The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Chiis sweet home,itazura na kiss,Sugar sugar rune,Honey and clover,Code Gease,Junjou Romantica

fav manga:Genshiken, Tail of the moon, The tyrant who fell in love, Paradise kiss,nana,Bleach, Gintama,Honey and clover,S.A,Chobits,Card captor Sakura(first manga I ever read),Densha otoko(I think I spelled that right),Junjou Romantica:3heheheheheh

Favorite food:pasteries

loves:Hyde,friends,clouds,the seasons,snow,Japan,Maid outfits,anything to do with maids or butlers,cat girls:3(-_-, maby I'm a pervert??.....) Yaoi,taking pics of random stuff,sketching,sculpting,writing(well anything artsy basicly though I suck at painting),Video games like RPGs and fighting and first person shooters ^_^,Haruhi Gender bender stuff

Hates:stupid peoples *cough*baka*cough*

getting sick -_-,FLYS!mosqitous>:C,bullying,the taste of orange juice after you brush your teeth yuck,spicy foods (-_-,)How small I am (I'm in high school but Ilook like I'm11 TT_TT does that make me a target for pedobear O_o????)

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