Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just in! >W< and also a rant


Well while I was looking at the recent news on ANN this morning I have come across something...something pain strikingly cute! The headline was "Store Sells 'Pundam,' 'Epangelion' Cosplay for Dogs". Yup a online store that specializes in puppies and chihuahuas has made cosplay outfits of mobile suit gundam, and evangelion. Personally if I ever in my life get a dog (I'm pet less ppl) I am getting them a unit 1 cosplay hat ASAP!!!! This is probrably one of those apropriate times to scream KAWAII!! at your comp.(^W^)

But at the moment I have a rant that has been kept in for 2 weeks! I HATE KAMINA'S ENGLISH DUB VOICE!Yes I am one of those people who complains about the voice overs as a fan I have the GODDAMN RIGHT TO!!!! At first when they started to air last week on sci-fi I remember watching the first episode and waiting for Kamina-sama(^_^) to talk. And as soon as I heard it it was like my face went blank, and it was like one of those scene in manga where everything is dark and and over they character the words hang over "DEFEATED"! Well after the 2nd ep it kind of settled in but I'm still a bit disappointed... (-_-)


-skipDog!-'t know if they ship overseas)

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