Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mini's new crush~Higurashi no naku koro ni kai

(note:sorry for ranting like that in the last post my apologys because i'm a huge fujiyoshi so that makes me a hypocrite >.<)Well school starts tomorrow and my thought on this is that "great I'm going back to hell -_-". Oh well I haven't been able to post lately because of soccer practice. Well news that has caught my attention was that they pushed the lucky star OVAs back another whole month so instead of Aug 26 it's Sep 26 now. Also the JNTO is crediting the Otaku sub-culture for 3M more tourists then usual. Wow for some reason when I read that I imagine a guy in a business suit going up to some otaku, shaking his hand and saying "good job you have served your country well!" -_- yeah don't mind me. Also Tonari 801-chan was canceled! Noos I was so looking forward to that T_T! And I really love Studio 4°C and they are currently making a new movie about soviet teenagers with special abilities, it takes place in the opening days of WWII on the eastern front. It's called First squad:The moment of truth.

Well let me get on topic of the title of this post, I have been watching the second series Higurashi no naku koro ni kai and only have 4 more episodes to go.:D I really love higurashi if I may say but I was only able to watch a little more than half of the first series though. After watching the second series my love for rika grew but now I have a new crush heh heh heh. I will give you a hint she goes auau hauuu all the time, ........well can't guess? It's Hanyuu! (duh) Gawd I can't help it she's just so damn cute! OMFG! Latley I've been coming across the most cutest girl characters in anime (no I'm not a lesbian)WHY JAPAN WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!! I just can't seem to help my self, I just have to fangirl over them -_-. It's like Ranka-chan from macross frontier, just to damn cute. I mean how can you not think hanyuu is cute going auuuauu hauuu all the time! But at the same time I think keiichi looks so cute when they make him wear lolita dresses or like in the manga they made him wear a school swimsuit with cat ears and a tail and talk like a little brother and a maid.........maby I'm a pervert T_T? But I guess you can say thinking keiichi is cute in those situations is more of the problem that I read to much Yaoi then me thinking Moe girls are cute -_-.

(angry hanyuu o.O)

You didn't think I'd actually leave keiichi out did you?!

first squad trailer

Hanyuu's character image song Nano Desu

english lyrics to the song-http://www.animelyrics.com/Anime/higurashikai/nanodesu.htm

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