Friday, August 1, 2008

It's time for a review!:Skechbook~full colorS~


Ahhh it's summer ,summer vacation ,ice-cream, firewoks,cat naps oh the lazy days.well actually I'm kinda lazy always (-_-,). But I found a perfect anime to fit my mood at the moment and thats Skechbook~full colorS~. It's really just a slice of life anime and now that I think about it this anime really just has no point to it. I'm almost done watching it, it really is quiet funny thou. What I especially like about this anime are it's characters, there really is a range of characters from quiet Sora to the really always angry and anoyed Negi-senpai to Sora's best friend Aso who always likes to have conversations with her hand puppets that she always carries around.

<---thats her
Well Basicly the main character is Sora. She really likes cats and tea, she always carries a thermal full of tea around with her. She also always carys her skech book around with her that acts I guess as a camera. In some episdoes they may focus on some other characters and there is the ocasonal episode where it focuses on the cats that sora always sees. In the cat episode the cats talk in regular people language instead of meows like they usaly do, so you get to see what the cats think to.

<----Mike and the foreign english speaking persian cat

They even have a character whos a foreigner from america her names kate. but the wierd thing is that her english is bad when she speaks, scince it's a japanese voice actor but at the same time when she speaks japanese she sound wierd to! she has like this strange accent (-_-,)I don't get it ....... Kate--------->

well to summerize it if your into slice of life stories watch it.If your into more like actiony stuff this ain't for you bub.

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