Saturday, August 2, 2008

new stuff-_-


Not much happening lately.....Well one of my friends is really into Vampire novels. There was a release party for a new book that she loves at barnes and noble, and since there were going to be activities she invited me. So I looked around and guess what I picked up this novel.....about....maids:D.I was actually planing to buy this it's called Maid Machine gun, I'm still currently reading so when I finish I'll do a review. Also since yen press released there new mag called yen plus. It's really huge it has about 11 series all together. I'm also really excited about following when they cry manga in here. But there not putting out subscriptions till the next issue :C Japanese manga:soul eater,Nabari no ou,Sumomomo momomo,bamboo blade,Higurashi when they cry. Korean manhwa:Pig bride,Jack Frost. English manga:Night School,Maximum ride. From right to left you read the japanese manga and then you flip the mag to read the left to right english and korean manga. It's currently selling for $9.99. And they say subcriptions will start at $49.95 for the US, and $59.95 for Canada.

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