Friday, September 12, 2008

Mini current state

lately I've had lots of school work and stuff and also now currently in process of making a anime club at my school.(YAY)well at the moment I don't feel like posting anything big so I'll just post my current status I guess.


currently watching:Hidamari sketchX365, chocolate underground,

currently reading:dear school gang leader,onani master kurosawa(it's not hentai I swear!)

just finished(manga,anime):Naisho no Tsubomi,covetous you insensitive me,darling,shojo beat Oct. issue

excited for:NYAF

sad for:Yen plus still has no subscriptions in the mag

Currently Obsessing:Hanyuu heheheheheh
to this day: Is still confused whether sailor Uranus is a girl or a boy

I have to say that Naisho no Tsubomi anime is really good and quiet funny but I'll post about that later -__-

(note the pic under this was photoshoped by me it's my first attempt at photoshoping -_-) Suzaku now knows the horrors of pedo bear!

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