Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini's in despair!

Well hello there comrades long time no see! (like anyone reads this blog -__-sigh) I have some depressing news that just gets me so down when I think about it, it's really hard to get back up. They are now ending Toonami after 11 years.... T_T Some people might say so what there shows suck anyways! But Toonami use to be glorious! Toonami is what got me so deep into anime, I remember hurrying home from school at a tender age, so that I wouldn't miss my anime damn it! *in tears* AHHH MY CHILDHOOD IS FADING AWAY IS THIS WHAT IT MEANS TO GROW UP WAHH I'M IN DESPAIR THE LOST OF INNOCENCE MAKE ME GO INTO DESPAIR! But I have to say I don't remember toonami ever airing cardcaptors though ._.......(on ann they had a list of all the anime they aired)But it's kind of sad that all is left of toonami is naruto.-_- Well enough of that to live purely I most put my past behind me! *sunset* Also coming up this weekend is NYAF so I'll see if I can post everything I did and all the stuff I got fufufufufufu. Some of you may notice but the despair and icon is reference to sayonara zetsubo sensei, which is the anime I just recently finished today. Well the second series anyway which is zoku sayonara zetsubou sensei. I also just finished fist of the north star new fist OVA and Now and then here and there. What I mainly want to discuss today is now and then, so here I go!

Well Like I said I finished now and then here and there, they put it on after Gurren Lagann on sci-fi's ani- Monday nights. So I don't know if some people saw it was going to air on TV but didn't care and just went straight to sleep right after Gurren Lagann, but I stayed up till 1:00 am for the past few weeks just to see this well also Gurren Lagann. ^_^' At first I have to admit when you first start to watch the series, it kind of difficult to imagine what kind of show this will end up being. The main character Shun encounters a girl named lalaru (I think that's how it's spelled) We find out shes wanted, and there are some people after her and shes been passing through worlds to get away. Lala ru doesn't talk much but she holds the power of all the worlds water in a pendant she caries with her. The catch is only she can use it to release the water, and the person who desperately wants that water is king Hamdo. King Hamdo is a Hitler like dictator cruel, selfish, crazy, and in a scary way child like. The man even has temper tantrums!(warning spoilers!). Just to tell you this is a show about war so it's basically a war anime. When you first encounter it you only see by shun's point of view. But then you get to see the point of view of each side. Not by getting in there thoughts or anything but like first shun was fighting against Hamdo's army, but at one point he gets captured by them and is forced to join the army. There you get to see the soilders conditions of living , like how they get treated or why they fight. Even the quiet Lala ru who always has a poker face plastered on gives her explanation to shun on why she wont give the humans water. There is also the character Sara who was brought from america in shuns world by accident because she looked like Lala Ru. You see her struggle on how she is forced to pleasure the older soldiers and then kills one of the men and makes her daring escape. You even see the side of one of the assasin in the village of zaribars who desperately wants to kill Hamdo. In the heart wrenching scean where Shun yells at him saying why can't you just stay in the village and be happy! Then he explains how his mother was killed and his sick sister was taken away but eventually died. You later in the series find out he will use any means to kill Hamdo. So really you get the perspective of the outsiders Shun and Sara, Lala Ru's, The assassins, The bystanders (ppl in villages and stuff), The soldiers and also even king Hamndo bullshit thoughts. The only character you never really get an inside to is Amelia, King Hamdo's right hand or um woman well whatever. Amelia is just like a loyal dog to him but no one knows why. So really instead of sitting there and only getting one side of the story you get all sides and realize everyone has at least one role they play in why the war is still continuing.

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